Most of us know our sun signs, some of us, perhaps know a little bit more, but how cool would it be to have a deep understanding of your cosmic traits, strengths, and weaknesses? How the universe came together to create the exquisite being you are?


Astrology, at its simplest, unravels significant celestial placements at the precise moment of your birth to determine what influences you and how you handle those influences in your everyday life as well as in your subconscious and the patterns they create. Beyond that, it can also show you to them to use what is happening in the sky at any given moment to your advantage moving forward in relationships with others, your career and other minor or major occurrences you are facing.


When you start to explore your personal astrology you will be amazed by the truth behind the phrase “it was written in the stars”.


In order to complete an astrological consultation I require your birth date, time and location. Reading turn around is currently approximately 2 weeks. Each consultation type includes copies of your chart, a typed report as well as a session with me to review and ask any questions you may have regarding your chart and the findings.


Main 3 Natal Chart Consultation - Review of your natal chart’s temperament along with your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign and it’s corresponding aspects.


Full Natal Chart Consultation -Review of your full natal chart including temperament, all planets, major angles and other points in your chart and their aspects.


Chart Pull (No Delineation) - If you’ve ever been curious about what your chart looks like, I’m happy to pull your chart for you. This includes a list of planet locations and aspects but no interpretations of their meanings.


Personalized Chart Poster & Fact Sheet - This is a great gift. I’ve combined my love for graphic design and astrology. You will receive a high-resolution printable version of the chart requested and a handwritten fact sheet of the locations of the planets and some other important points.

Relationship Consultation -This comparison shows how two people are alike or different, where your relationship with thrive and where you may experience challenges. Relationships are difficult, but when we have an awareness of how each person navigates the world around them, we find ourselves better able to understand each other. Includes a breakdown of each individual chart with a focus on relationships, an affinities & synastry analysis as well as a combined chart breakdown.

(Relationship consultations can be completed not only for romantic partners but for parent/child, friends, siblings, business partners, etc. and requires consent of both parties involved)


Current Transit Consultation - How is what is happening in the sky right now affecting your personally. How can you work with it? If it’s expansive energy, how can you use it to your advantage and if it’s difficult energy, how long can you expect it to last and what can you to do mitigate its effect on your everyday life.