There are many styles of Breathwork, Here at Bare Roots Amanda takes  you through a type by David Elliott. This type of Breathwork is an active meditation, involving a three-part pranayama breathing pattern done through the mouth while laying down, listening to music. The active breath helps the breather dive to deeper layers of the subconscious to illuminate that which is blocked. The breath can either calm us down or energize us. In this breathing practice we use the breath to energize and stimulate the nervous system. Through this process the breather is able to detach from the thinking brain, and tap into the wisdom of the body, heart, and spirit. In this state, we can peel back the layers that have been trapped and buried allowing them to rise to the surface to be released.


Breathwork is powerful medicine. It meets you where you are in the moment and gives you what you need. 


Breathwork can offer a variety of experiences and each time will be unique. Common sensations could leave the breather feeling deeply relaxed, peaceful, open hearted, connected to their inner wisdom, clear headed, creatively inspired, or even a little euphoric.