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Classes and Workshops



Mediumship Monday with Jess

Every 1st Monday of Every Month

Join Jess for a group reading! During this session participants are welcome to bring their own coffee, tea or non-alcoholic beverage and hang out with Jess as she tunes in to see who comes through

Dancing for Birth

with Leslie

November 7-December 12



Feel­ good prenatal fitness, essential birth education, and celebration of pregnancy and birth, all rolled into one profound & powerful class that supports you at every stage, from pre­conception through postpartum.

Each signature move and technique is designed to guide your baby into the optimal fetal position, and enable you to effectively work with your baby and your body for a birth experience you’ll love.

Discover the keys to activating your birth instincts for a safer, easier birth! After you give birth, come full circle and wear your baby to class for postpartum fitness, parenting education and bonding with your baby.


Reiki Level I & II

with Sue 

October 14 & 15



Reiki Level I Certification
The focus of level one is self-healing and helping to heal others. This level will look at the history, benefits and Principles of Reiki, the Chakra System, self treatment
Reiki Level 2
Reiki Level II introduces you to the first 3 Reiki symbols. You will learn how to use them and experience how they work, including distance healing sessions. With the Reiki Level II attunement, your vibrational frequency as a healer will shift, and the power of your sessions will reflect that, not only by you, but by those you are treating.
This workshop also includes intuitive development in relation to your healing practice. 

Finding you Light

Wednesdays in October 


This is a Bare Roots women’s group! A place to come together, connect and empower ourselves and each other. Many people give much of themselves. Women, especially, take on roles where they set themselves aside for periods of time, willing to put others first for the betterment of their environment (home, work place, community, partners, children etc.). What happens when this is no longer needed? What happens when one has been living in this space for too long and it's difficult to tap into the higher self? What happens when there is a sudden and unexpected change in life like death or divorce? It can cause feelings like loss of purpose, loss of direction, loss of who we once were.


Guided Group Meditation 

with Sue & Jess

Twice a month from September-March 

Saturdays 915-10am

Meditation is known to be an excellent way to lessen stress in your life, promote healing, and tune into divine guidance. Worried about whether you won't be able to do it right? Let go of this worry and jump in. The best place to start is where you are at.

Mediumship Mentor Group

Every other Sunday 


This is a group for those who are have had experiences with "the other side" or are interested in further developing their communication skills with Spirit Energies. In this group we will do a meditation and we will have open discussion about how to receive communications, what to do with what you receive, and how to fine tune these skills. Questions and experience sharing are welcome. This is not a formal class, it is more of a mentorship/coaching session for those who are looking for guidance when communicating with the other side.

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