The Team

Who We Are


Susan Hodson

Owner, Reiki Master Teacher

Sue is a naturally gifted intuitive who has nurtured a passion for helping others since she was a young child. Her ability to connect with Universal Energy and tap into your higher self allows her to bring you messages that support your highest good.  She offers clients the deep benefits of Reiki healing as well as a space to find relaxation, new-found insights, and a deeper connection to self and source.  She encourages clients to be empowered in their life and develop a spiritual practice that brings that sense of peace, relaxation, and self-love.


Jess Damen

Reiki Master Teacher

Jess Damen is a Reiki Master Teacher who has been practicing Reiki for over 15 years. Throughout her life her curiosity for the other side and psychic happenings was strong. Jess has a well-rounded approach to energetic modalities, often mixing more than one kind to achieve results. The intention is always for the highest good of those who seek wellness and peace. Wellness is a cooperative action both by those who seek and those who provide, working together towards what best serves the soul at any given time. 


Nikki Carradine

Theta & Astrology

Like most lightworkers, Nikki always felt different and like she didn’t quite fit in. She was a highly-sensitive child and had many experiences with spirits and energetic beings but it wasn’t until later in life that she was able to finally put into words what she was experiencing. In 2020, her interest in Astrology became a full fledge passion. While the world dealt with a global health crisis, Nikki hid away, studied and escaped into the stars. Passing her first Astrology exam in the summer of 2021, completing and receiving certificates for numerous elective courses including Vocational and Relationship Astrology, she is currently on track to receive her full CAAE certification by the end 2022.